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The Mix of Urban Electric Cruising

Bruno Forcella from Sine Cycles takes e-mobility to the next level. The Swiss electrical engineer combined his pioneering concept of an electric chopper, custom built in his own garage, with the first electric skateboard, custom made in Germany – a unique combination of two groundbreaking Technologies.

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The Electric Dream: Sinecycles X Mellow Boards

Imagine riding on the open road with a Motorcycle, but it’s quiet. Instead of a loud engine you hear wind and you feel the sun. Birds and animals watch you fly by in curiosity because they didn’t notice you coming. As you lean back and silently ride toward the horizon you have that ‘bad to the bone’ feeling of being totally free.

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Her er den elektriske chopper
Stilen er velkendt. Men Motoren er et rent stilbrud.

En stor del af charmen ved choppere, er langsomt dunkende eller tøffende motorer og sparsomme lydpotter, som delagtiggør omgivelserne i motormusikken. Derfor har det måske også taget så lang tid før en kætter har bygget en chopper med elmotor. Og Bruno Forcella, ejer af Sine Cycles, ønskede at skabe noget unikt. Og det er ret unikt.

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Power in Flux, 2017

Sinecycles, Something Different, Electric but Real

“Finally, we have an interesting development in the garage-built, custom-built evolution of electric motorcycles,” says Ted Dillard in his book “Power in Flux — The History of Electric Motorcycles.

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Sinecycles, Something Different, Electric but Real

Bruno Forcella: “I always wanted to build a custom bike different from anything else. There had to be something about the bike that would differentiate it from all other custom-builts.

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cover_discovering-the-motorcycle Discovering The Motocycle, 11/2016


It took the Swiss company Sinecycles to introduce an electric chopper. This bold design clearly shows that electric technology can enter the traditional cruiser market. Read more

Layout 1 BIGTWIN, 11/2016

Electrische Chopper? 

Sine Cycles uit Zwitserland is voorbereid op de toekomst en heeft de eerste electrische chopper gebouwd. Geestelijk vader is Bruno Forcella en de beweegreden om deze Chopper te maken is zo universeel als het maar zijn kan: gewoon om eens iets anders te maken.   Read more

bikeexif-logo BIKEEXIF, 08/2016

Are we ready for an electric Chopper? 

Are electric bikes the future? We’re not sure—but with EU regulations getting progressively more restrictive, it’s not completely unfathomable.If that day ever comes, put us down for one of these. Yes, you’re looking at an electric chopper—and a damn pretty one at that. Read more

touring-Apr2016 TCS, 04/2016

Ein Chopper der leisen Klasse

Eine Idee, eine Sportverletzung, viel Fachwissen und Beharrlichkeit motivierten den 42-jährigen Bruno Forcella dazu, einen E-Chopper der besonderen Klasse zu entwickeln und zu bauen … Read more

 lokalhelden_cover Lokalhelden, 02/2016

ePower — the Future

On the Road again mit Elektro-Antrieb: hipp, stylisch und clean… Read more

Lowride_91-001 Lowride, 01/2016


[…] Bruno Forcella prevede tutto ciò e batte sul tempo i customizer partecipando al contest di EICMA Custom con un chopper tanto minimalista da non contemplare una meccanica tradizionale.. Read more

logo_gizmag Gizmag, 12/2015

In Pictures: EICMA’s Custom World

[…] We even met some old friends. Sine Cycles’ electric custom proudly holds the unofficial title of the only electric model in the whole Custom Show. Read more

 Trend-Hunter-FBIF Trendhunter, 11/2015

The Sine Cycles Electric Chopper Looks and Rides Like a Dream

The Sine Cycles electric chopper is an innovatively engineered and designed motorbike that is innovative in its market segment due to the fact that it uses a typical customized chopper design but pairs it with an electric powertrain. Read more

modernman Duo Magazine, 10/2015

Different. Electric. Real.
The Electric Chopper has Arrived


bbc-blocks-dark BBC, 09/2015

SineCycles, recharging the chopper

A Swiss customiser gives the classic motorbike design a dramatic 21st Century electric makeover. Read more

logo_es PrestigeElectricCar, 09/2015

SineCycles, chopper con personalidad.

El proyecto Sinecycles ha nacido de la mano de su fundador Bruno Forcella, un personaje que siempre ha tenido la idea de construir una chopper diferente. Era difícil encontrar alguna manera para diferenciarse de todas las motocicletas custom sorprendentes que andan por América, pero por fin encontró una manera de hacerlo: la construcción de una chopper con transmisión eléctrica que lleva el marco abierto enseñando sus componentes principales. Read more

images Technologic Vehicles, 09/2015

SineCycles, une superbe moto électrique Chopper

Le Suisse Bruno Forcella à eu l’idée de greffer une partie cycle de Zero Motorcycles sur un cadre de moto chopper et le résultat, la première Sine Cycles, est très réussi! Read more

logo_gizmag Gizmag, 09/2015

SineCycles adds Electric Power to the Old School Chopper

As electric mobility keeps on gathering momentum in the motorcycle sector, chopper manufacturers remain strongly attached to tradition, seemingly reluctant to deviate from the typical V2 engine configuration. Sine Cycles has veered off this beaten track by taking what appears to be a conventional custom chopper design and slotting in an electric powertrain. Read more

logo_inside EVs Inside EVs, 07/2015

SineCycles builds Custom on Zero Drivetrain

Like the performance of the Zero, but have some issues with the style of the bikes?  Swiss builder Bruno Forcella feels the same way – though, Forcella’s motivation may have been more about simply loving the choppers.  So much so, that he started up SineCycles, and put together a pretty unique custom build with some serious attention to finish and detail. Read more

Dream Machines, 05/2015


Hier der Beweis: Elektro-Motorräder müssen nicht zwangsläufig hässlich sein. Bruno Forcella auf seinem ausnehmend gut gelungenen E-Chopper. Read more

  Freeway Magazine, 04/2015

Chopper électrique!

S’il aspirait depuis toujours à construire un chopper, il n’était pas question pour le Suisse Bruno Forcella de faire dans le classique.
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  J&P Cycles, 04/2015

Different. Electric. Real.

That is the definition of Switzerland-based Sine Cycles’ electric chopper. Using a Tha Heist frame from Cleveland Cyclewerks and a 2013 Zero Motorcycles engine and drivetrain, bike builder Bruno Forcella created a one-of-a-kind bike that performs like no other.
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Motorbike, 03/2015

SineCycles, 전기 모터사이클의 새로운 패러다임

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  Cyril Huze Blog, 02/2015

A Very Clean 100% Electric Chopper

The story of early electric motorcycles is very old and somewhat unclear (first patent for an electric bicycle application seems to be on September 9, 1895 in Canton, Ohio) and it took them more than a century to belong to our present. As soon as they become cheaper and more practical by offering a wider travel range than a daily commute, there is no doubt than their market share will increase at a very fast pace.  Read more

 LOGO_GreenCarReports_100p Green Car Reports, 02/2015

Will Victory Beat Harley-Davidson With First Electric Cruiser Motorcycle?

It’s been a few years since a truly new design has been seen in the electric motorcycle industry.  Brammo used the same chassis since its inception, and Zero has two frames underlying its line of various street and off-road bikes.

In Switzerland, a custom bike builder at Sine Cycles used a Zero motorcycle’s drivetrain to give us a glimpse of what an electric chopper would look like.  Read more

  Custombike Magazine, 01/2015


Ja, wir sind Freunde des Verbrennungsmotors, aber wir sind auch Freunde guter Ideen, sauberer Umsetzung und natürlich starrer Chopper. Und deshalb hat Brunos Elektro-Umbau ein Porträt in diesem Heft mehr als verdient. Read more

 ccw_122013 Cleveland Cyclewerks, 12/2013

Electric Heist!

CCW has the best customers in the world!  Bruno has decided to build his dream bike and being an electrical engineer he dreams in volts and watts.  From what we see his talent seems to be well beyond that of your typical backyard builder. Read more